The Virginity Factor

So anyone who knows me knows I’m a big ‘Black & Sexy TV’ fan. One of my favorite shows is Sexless but the 3rd Season, has all the characters having sex, including two of the main characters who are virgins. The part that blew me away was that one of the characters was still considering herself a virgin even though she received oral sex and had vaginal sex (for less than 10 seconds, but for some reason she thought it didn’t count). Then the other main character who was a “virgin” thought that you couldn’t get a STD though oral sex and since she was having oral sex with someone who had genital herpes there was no way she could catch it since she never had contact with his genitals (except for a hand job).


Bruh if you saw my face. Like where were you during Sex Ed? I thought that information was common knowledge. Especially to anyone in their mid-late 20s, virgin or not some things should be known. Do parents include STD talk with their kids when they’re having “the talk”? If they even have it at all. I know my parents did, they didn’t get super graphic, but they did teach us about wrapping it up. Talking about sex does not necessarily mean you’re promoting kids or adults to have sex, it means you’re teaching them to be prepared and knowledgeable for when the time comes, instead of not saying anything and then having to deal with the aftermath of not preparing them beforehand. Even with all the knowledge people are still going to do whatever the hell they want to do, educated or not.


Seeing this played out on my TV screen reminded me of when, I was younger. Even with all the facts, I was still paranoid about everything. I remember getting my first ingrown hair down there, after my first time and being paranoid about catching herpes. Even though I used protection, I knew that there was still a chance you could get it. So I remember I went and got tested to make sure, I know it might sound funny but if you ever try and self-diagnosis yourself on Google you’d probably get tested too! Being a late bloomer in the sexual activity department, made me wonder about so many things, since 98.9% of my friends and everyone I knew were sexually active. I was super paranoid about everything and always had a fear of dying after any Google search sessions.


I even remember dating shortly after losing my virginity and some guys still considered me a virgin, when I myself didn’t. Their thought was I didn’t have sex enough times yet, so how did I know if it even went in the right hole. With that thought having sex seemed even scarier to me, were people actually having more sex than they actually admitted to? Picking and choosing when it counted and when it didn’t. How does that even work? I won’t even go into the “technical virgin” who’ve done everything but penetration but still tell people their virgins and have yet to be tested (not all, but some). If you’re involved in any type of sexual activity, you’re putting yourself in some type of risk. So I can understand somewhat where these characters are coming from. However, until you actually go see a doctor or ask an expert you’ll never know or have that peace of mind.


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