So apparently I’m a hoe…

I never knew a word could bother me so bad, but more importantly whose mouth the word is coming from. I remember countless times of dudes asking me if I was a hoe over the years just because I was a sweetheart. Dating has never been easy. It’s funny how one choice can change someone’s perception on you. 


I still remember the first time I was called a hoe; it was by someone who claimed he loved me. Instead of coming to terms with his wrong doings he claimed that I was a hoe when he met me and he only stuck around because I was cool. To me hoe has always been such a cunty word that was always used by people who wanted to cause more harm to a situation than help.


After all what is a hoe? Someone who sleeps around? Sexually liberated? Someone who “took” your man? Someone you just don’t like? I never knew the word bothered me that much till recently when a lot of lies were spread about me by someone who I considered to be a friend. When folks started taking what was said for the truth instead of basing their feelings on their experiences with me. When a simple text was turned into thirst. The “did you make it home?” text turned into “so you got some dick tonight?”


I know I don’t owe anyone an explanation or even deserve to respond to such juvenile antics, but even at 27…words still hurt. I’m truthful enough to admit it. I never really cared that much about what people thought about me. However, when rumors surface and you keep hearing the same thing being told about you, you start to question yourself “am I putting out those vibes?” Just because someone is open and honest doesn’t make them a hoe. Being caught in the situation doesn’t make only the woman involved a hoe, when it takes two to tango. Just because someone chooses to assume based off of what they heard, rather than listen to the whole story or asks for facts.


However, the 5 W’s of my vagina doesn’t concern anyone except me, my partner and my gynecologist last time I checked. I don’t know what the fascination is of where my kitty cat’s been lately, but just know it’s not a homeless shelter and none of your damn business!

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